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Mandalay Basenjis

Home Raised


Puppies & Adults

Show/Performance & Non-Show Homes

  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 87 of 195
  • Height: 17 inches (male), 16 inches (female)
  • Weight: 24 pounds (male), 22 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 13-14 years

1 (519) 697-DOGS (3647)

So you have done your research….

Reading, visiting Breeders, going to dog shows and talking to Basenji owners you have decided on adding a Basenji to your home. Now what?

1) Read over my website and then contact me by calling 519-697- DOGS(3647). This gives us both a chance to answer any “upfront” questions we may have for each other.

2) You will then be welcome to come and meet the pups/adult dogs. At this time you will recieve “Puppy Pack” #1. This will give you more info about Basenjis and you can go home and think about which pup you liked best.

3) After we decide that a Mandalay Basenji is for you then you will recieve “Puppy Pack #2”. This includes info about how to prepare for your new arrival, crate training, housebreaking, feeding, basic training and lots more.

4) We encourage you to visit the pups often (if you can) so you can watch the personalities develop and make an informed decision. Remember this new family member will be with you for about 15 years.

5) We will then make arrangements to get together to go over the contract and tidy up any outstanding paperwork. I prefer to have paperwork done before the pup goes home as there is so much excitement when bringing home your pup I don’t want you to misunderstand anything you will be signing.

6) A few days later I will deliver your new Pup to your home. Now you are ready to enjoy your new Mandalay Basenji!

What Our Pups Go Home With

When purchasing a pup from us we believe in helping you out as much as we can to make this transition as easy as we can for you and your pup. All of our pups go home with the following:

 *CKC and UKC papers

*First set of shots

*Vet records

* 6 weeks of Petsecure Pet Insurance

* 1 Bag of puppy food

* Pictures of your Puppy


* Blanket

*1 year membership to the Basenji Club of Canada

*1 year subscription to “The Latest Wrinkle” the BCOC newsletter

*Breeder after care for the life of your puppy

*Breeder baby-sitting service if you need to leave puppy while away on business or vacation